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Have you been arrested for a misdemeanor, crime, felony, DUI of serious traffic violation in the Baltimore area? Do you work in Annapolis or Baltimore and feel that you are being treated unfairly in some way in the workplace? Have you suffered a workplace injury in the Anne Arundel, Baltimore and Harford County areas? Have you been the victim of an auto accident in the Baltimore, Ellicott City, Towson or Bel Air, Maryland areas? At the Towson, Maryland Law Office of Turnbull Brockmeyer Law Group , we are dedicated to individuals and families in Anna Arundel County, Baltimore County, the city of Baltimore, Howard County and surrounding areas you need an aggressive legal advocate experienced in handling criminal defense, employment law, car accident and personal injury cases.

If you are facing criminal, DUI or serious traffic charges, have suffered an injury or have concerns about your treatment at work contact the Baltimore Criminal Defense Lawyers, Employment Attorneys and Car Accident Lawyers at The Turnbull Brockmeyer Law Group to discuss your case. Dial (410) 321-8860 for a free consultation.

Help for Annapolis, Baltimore, Bel Air Residents

At our law office, located in Towson, Maryland we have dedicated our legal practice to personal injury, workers’ compensation, employment law matters, DUI defense and criminal defense because we understand the impact these legal issues have on the lives of our clients. Our primary attorney, John Turnbull, is one of the most skilled Baltimore Criminal Defense Lawyers in the area. He is dedicated to providing aggressive and professional legal services to protect the rights of personal injury victims and individuals facing criminal charges.

Since 2008, Towson Car Accident Lawyer John Turnbull has been selected to Super Lawyers every year. Super Lawyers recognizes the top legal professionals in their field. Not many other Baltimore lawyers have been awarded this same distinction.

Types of Cases We Handle

Auto Accidents: Being located in a major metropolitan area there are motor vehicle accidents everyday including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, trucking accidents and bus accidents. Mr. Turnbull has many years experience competently and effectively handling serious motor vehicle accident cases throughout the Elkton, Essex, Baltimore, Annapolis, Ellicott City, Glen Burnie and Bel Air, Maryland areas. He has a long track record of obtaining very favorable settlements and verdicts for his clients.

Criminal Law: This includes all types of criminal charges ranging from drug crimes, property crimes, bench warrant resolution, misdemeanors, school and college campus crimes, weapons charges, gang crimes and white collar crimes such as identity theft and fraud. Mr. Turnbull is well aware of the negative repercussions a criminal conviction can have on your life. He will do everything in his power to have your charges dismissed totally. Sometimes that is not an option due to prior criminal history or convictions. At the very least Mr. Turnbull will defend your rights in court and lessen the ramifications of your pending charges.

DUI Defense: Maryland has different laws for DWI charges and DUI charges as your blood alcohol content (BAC) at time of arrest determines what charge you will face. Our firm handles all types of DUI cases including DWI, DUI, juvenile DUI, DUI for CDL holders, Ambien DUI, Lunesta DUI, drugged driving and DUI with peripheral charges. Many Maryland residents are unaware of the fact that there are 2 aspects of a DUI charge: the criminal aspect and the motor vehicle administration (MVA) aspect. The MVA can suspend your license even if the criminal charges are dropped. So that every part of your case is handled Mr. Turnbull also routinely handles Motor Vehicle Administration hearings related to driving under the influence charges.

Employment Law: Mr. Turnbull understands that people in the Annapolis, Baltimore and Ellicott City areas work very hard to provide for their families and perform for their employers. With that, it is imperative that Maryland workers are able to work in an environment that is fair, conducive to productivity and is also a pleasant and harassment free environment. That is not always the case as sometimes employers treat certain employees unfairly for various reasons.  Mr. Turnbull is very experienced in handling discrimination claims, unpaid wage claims, sexual harassment, hostile work environment and workplace violence claims in Maryland. Let him use experience to protect your rights according to Maryland labor and employment law.

Personal Injury: Being injured due to the negligence of another in Maryland may entitle you to benefits and financial compensation. Common injury claims we handle are animal attacks, slip and fall accidents, burn injuries and retail store negligence. If you have been hurt in the Annapolis, Baltimore, Ellicott City or Bel Air areas call Mr. Turnbull for a free consultation.


Workers’ Compensation: Being injured on the job can alter several areas of your life such as financial, your health and personal life can all be impacted. Our firm routinely handles workers’ compensation claims in the Towson, Bel Air and Annapolis areas for injuries such as slip and fall accidents, equipment accidents, machine accidents, back, neck and joint injuries. Mr. Turnbull is very familiar with Maryland workers’ compensation law and will draw on his legal knowledge to get injured Maryland workers the benefits and compensation they deserve. Mr. Turnbull is also a very skilled litigator and negotiator. He is more than willing to take your case as far as needed to get you what you are entitled to.

Wrongful Death: If you have lost a loved one in an accident in Bel Air, Baltimore, Ellicott City Essex or Annapolis, Maryland you need the help of a skilled lawyer handling wrongful death and fatal accident claims. Those who have lost a loved one in an assault, auto accident or workplace accident may be entitled to death benefits, funeral benefits and other benefits. Let Essex Accident Attorney John G. Turnbull III do whatever is necessary to get your family the benefits and compensation they deserve.

Energetic Litigation Skills to Resolve Legal Problems

The Towson Attorneys at Turnbull Brockmeyer Law Group offer the following unique skill set in his personal injury and criminal defense practice:

  • Effective trial and negotiation skills in highly competitive litigation settings
  • A sound feel for assessing the value of a case, not only in terms of the settlement value of an injury claim, but also in finding, when necessary, a good compromise point in a criminal prosecution
  • An ability to identify with the underdog facing much larger and more powerful adversaries in both civil and criminal cases
  • The ability to quickly assess the strength of a personal injury or criminal case, investigate, gather and preserve information, and present the strongest possible arguments on our clients’ behalf

What Mr. Turnbull Offers His Clients

In a word: experience. Mr. Turnbull has been practicing criminal and personal injury law in Maryland for many years. He is known throughout the Baltimore area as a fierce and skilled litigator. While many of his cases settle out of court, or charges are dropped or dismissed he is not immune to taking any type of case to trial if that is what is needed to obtain the best possible outcome for his clients. This pertains to criminal and DUI cases, employment law cases as well as personal injury cases such as car accidents, workers’ compensation claims, wrongful death and animal attacks. Let Mr. Turnbull put his vast legal experience to work for you.

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You will remain advised, informed, and in direct contact with our primary attorney until your case is firmly resolved. Contact us today for a free consultation or dial our law office directly at 410-321-8860.

Mr. Turnbull serves many areas of Maryland including Towson, Annapolis, Aberdeen, Bel Air, Glen Burnie, Essex, Havre De Grace, White Marsh, Baltimore and Elkton.

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