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Zantac Injury Lawsuits

zantac injury lawsuits

Do you take Zantac for heartburn or ulcers? Does a loved one use it? While incredibly common and sold in over the counter and prescription forms Zantac has recently been recalled as it allegedly contains a suspected carcinogen. if you have any type of cancer, and have taken Zantac you may be eligible for benefits, medical care and financial compensation. Please contact our medication injury attorneys handling Zantac injury lawsuits.

Our Maryland Zantac cancer injury attorneys handle mass tort cases and toxic tort cases across the entire country. Call now for a free case review. No fee unless we recover for you and your loved ones.

Cancers Linked To Zantac & Ranitidine

Injury claims and cancer lawsuits due to Zantac consumption are new and none have gone to trial yet. However it is becoming more and more clear everyday what cancers Zantac can cause according to the FDA. These are:

Colon cancer

Pancreatic cancer

Stomach cancer

Bladder cancer

Usually any drug, chemical, medication or compound that is a carcinogen (the ability to cause cancer) has the ability to negatively impact a persons health and well being by causing other illnesses, diseases, syndromes, etc.

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