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Workers Comp F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions About Maryland Workers Comp Law

Being hurt or injured on the job in Maryland brings with it many complications and issues. As all other states Maryland has a workers compensation system that is designed to help injured workers obtain benefits and financial compensation for their injuries, pain and suffering. As with any type of accident or injury case having an experienced workers’ compensation attorney on your side will help immensely as you will most likely have many questions about your injury, your job, your claim and your finances related to the injury.

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Common Questions About Maryland Workers Compensation Laws

When Do Workers’ Compensation Benefits Start?

According to Maryland workers’ compensation law if you are injured at work, and miss 3 days of work due to your injuries, you may obtain lost wage benefits on the 4th day of missed work. The only benefits that are given during the first 3 days are for hospital, medical and death/funeral benefits.

What Benefits Am I Entitled To?

Maryland offers several benefits in addition to medical benefits. The benefits are temporary partial disability benefits, permanent total disability benefits, permanent partial disability benefits, lost wage benefits, medical benefits, death/funeral benefits and vocational rehabilitation benefits.