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Maryland Uninsured Employers Fund

Maryland Uninsured Employers Fund

In the state of Maryland, employees are often concerned of the responsibility of payment when injured on the job. It is assumed that the employer’s workers’ compensation insurance will cover expenses due to the loss of regular pay. However, there are instances where employers do not carry workers’ compensation insurance as the law requires.  In this case, Maryland has a fund that covers expenses where workers compensation would have otherwise been utilized. If you have been injured in Annapolis, Baltimore, Bel Air, Ellicott City or Towson area, you should contact an experienced workers compensation attorney for legal advice and representation. If you delay in contacting an attorney, your claim may not be heard due to the statute of limitations regarding the timeframe of filing your claim.

Maryland Uninsured Employers Fund Overview

Maryland has government support in place to cover workers in cases where the employer has failed to maintain or obtain workers’ compensation insurance.  This fund is maintained through various city collections. For example, the Maryland Uninsured Employers Fund pays workers’ compensation claim benefits to claimants in the event an employer is uninsured an incapable of doing so. Maryland’s Workers Compensation Commission manages the funds.

Hire Our Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you would like to learn more information about the benefits and funds available, please call for a free consultation with Workers’ Compensation Attorney John G Turnbull III at (410) 321-8860. He will consult with you if you have incurred an injury at work.