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Baltimore Employment Law Attorneys

Baltimore Employment Law Attorneys

In the state of Maryland full time employees, part time employees, seasonal employees and contractors have certain rights regarding the workplace, how they are treated, pay and overtime pay. At The Law Office of John Grason Turnbull our Baltimore employment law attorneys are committed to ensuring these rights are protected according to Maryland law.

Please feel free to contact my Towson law office if you have concerns regarding areas such as:

Wage collection
Overtime pay collection
Work related benefits
Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
Maryland Wage Payment And Collection Act

You can contact The Law Office of John Grason Turnbull at (410) 321-8860.

I offer free consultations to those with questions regarding wage collection and workplace rights in the Baltimore area.

Maryland Employment And Labor Laws

While the United States does have federal working laws in place, each state will have specific guidelines for the state that may not always agree with federal laws. Anyone involved with an employee law case whether it is at a federal level or deals with state laws needs to have a qualified attorney, simply because these types of cases can get complicated very quickly. Many of the issues can involve:

  • Discrimination
  • Employee rights
  • Labor laws
  • Inadequate benefits

It is often very difficult to pursue legal recourse against an employee, even with the types of legal services available to people today. Many times employers will have greater legal and financial resources than their disgruntled employees and people often give up their legal battle in a mess of red tape and frustration. However, never give up your rights but seek fairness in every pre-employment issue, training and background checks requirements and the benefits that should be yours by right. Fighting discrimination or unfair hiring practices is tough, but not impossible as long as you have qualified legal representation. An attorney is able to act as your guide to the state and federal rights that belong to you and can help you seek justice.