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Repeat DUI Offenses

Repeat DUI Offenses

Your first drunken driving arrest can be scary and embarrassing. A second or third arrest should be downright terrifying. Repeat DUI offenders face the very real possibility of mandatory jail time if convicted, along with a long-term loss of driving privileges.

Maryland has a “lifetime lookback” policy. This means that a second DUI arrest counts as the second arrest, even if your last DUI was 10, 15 or 20 years ago.

Anyone arrested on a second or third DUI charge should seek legal counsel immediately. Your best chances to preserve your freedom and your driver’s license are to retain a law firm that will engage in thorough investigation, forceful negotiation and aggressive protection of your rights.

Legal Representation for Repeat Offenders

At the Law Offices of John Grason Turnbull III, P.C., our attorneys understand the urgency of repeat DUI offense charges. We have immediate appointments available to discuss your case and develop a strategy for investigation, negotiation and defense at trial if necessary. The sooner you get an attorney involved in your case, the more time your lawyer will have to spend building the best possible defense on your behalf.

Possible Penalties Facing Repeat DUI Offenders

Mandatory jail time is only one possible enhanced penalty upon conviction for a second or subsequent DUI or DWI offense. Other possible penalties include:

  • Long-term loss of driving privileges with no opportunity to apply for a hardship license
  • Loss of commercial driver’s license (CDL) — even if you were not driving a commercial vehicle at the time of the arrest
  • Mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device on every vehicle you own or use, at your own expense

Penalties can be even harsher if the charges include refusing a breathalyzer test or if you are convicted as an out-of-state driver from a state with stricter DUI penalties. This is because Maryland has reciprocity with other states, and your home state’s administrative penalties will apply if you are convicted of a drunken driving arrest in Maryland.

Call an Experienced Lawyer as Soon as Possible After a DUI Arrest

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