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Probable Cause Laws

Maryland Probable Cause Laws

If you are pulled over for DUI or DWI in Maryland you may not be sure exactly why you were pulled over. Frequently the reasoning behind being pulled over had nothing to do with the arresting officer thinking you were intoxicated. Sometimes you can be pulled over for erratic or improper driving behavior and then, once the officer approaches you, he or she decides that you may be drunk or intoxicated. Under Maryland law, to legally pull you over, a police officer only has to have reasonable suspicion you have committed a crime or are about to commit a crime. A Maryland DUI Defense Attorney can help you understand the situation and also protect your rights.

If you are facing DUI or DWI charges in any part of Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, Harford County or Howard County please contact Towson DUI Defense Attorney John G. Turnbull III at (410) 321­8860 for a free consultation. He is very well versed in Maryland DUI and DWI laws and routinely obtains great results for his clients.

Reasons You May Be Pulled Over For DUI

A law enforcement official may pull you over for any number of driving behaviors that may make him or her suspect you are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Examples are:



Drifting Into Other Lanes

Driving Below Speed Limit

Erratic Braking

Driving On Center Lane Marker

Driving On Right Shoulder Marker

Signaling Inconsistently With Driving Actions

Driving With Headlights Off

Inexplicable Slowing Or Stopping

Being Reported By Another Citizen

No matter what driving behavior you exhibited that led to you being pulled over you have rights and they need to be protected. The best way to ensure your rights are protected is to enlist the help of a skilled and experienced DUI defense attorney who is familiar with Maryland DUI laws as well as Maryland Probable Cause Laws.

Determining Probable Cause In Maryland

Merely being pulled over for any of these driving behaviors in Maryland does not necessarily constitute probable cause to arrest for DUI or DWI in Maryland. Once you are pulled over you have no legal obligation to answer any incriminating questions the officer may ask you. Of course, they will be looking for signs of intoxication such as bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, decreased motor skills and an alcohol odor from your car or breath.

An officer needs probable cause to arrest you. However, he only needs reasonable suspicion to believe a crime has been committed or is about to be committed to pull you over. Thus, any infraction of the motor vehicle code gives the police reasonable suspicion but that’s not probable cause to arrest you for a DUI without more. Accordingly this is why you may want to refuse to answer questions or do field sobriety testing.

Facing DUI or DWI charges warrants the help of a DUI defense attorney who go to bat for you and fight aggressively to protect your rights and driving privileges. It is in you rest interest to connect with Towson DUI Defense Lawyer John G. Turnbull III immediately and let him get to work on your case.