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Military DUI

Maryland Military DUI Lawyers

Are you an active duty service member in the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Navy or U.S. M.C. facing DUI or DWI charges in Maryland? Are you a reservist in any branch of the military and are facing driving under the influence or driving while impaired in Maryland? Do you know what administrative, financial, legal and military consequences you may ultimately face if convicted? You stand to lose a lot more than just your driving privileges if convicted of DUI while in the military. You need effective and skilled DUI representation from a Maryland Military DUI attorney.

Please contact Maryland Military DUI Defense Lawyer John G. Turnbull III to discuss your case. Mr. Turnbull has mnay years experience handling military DUI cases throughout all Maryland military installations in Annapolis, Baltimore, Bethesda, Camp Springs, Fort Detrick, Fort Meade, Patuxent River and Indian Head.

DUI Defense For Military Personnel

At The Law Offices of John G. Turnbull III, we represent military personnel in civilian courts, administrative hearings, federal courts, and military tribunals. We can defend your rights as a member of the Armed Forces as well as a citizen of the United States. Our aggressive representation will look for the best defense possible to allow you to resume your career and reduce the penalties that you will have to ultimately face.

Please contact an experienced Fort Meade, Maryland military DUI defense attorney at our firm right away and get the representation that you deserve.

Possible Civilian & Military DUI Penalties

A conviction of a DUI or DWI is not required by the Armed Forces in order to implement military penalties. The military reviews each case and decides if administrative penalties should still be imposed. If you were acquitted in a civilian court of the DUI on a technical defect, for instance, a military court may still deem that there was enough evidence to uphold the arrest for drunk driving, and sanction you for the behavior, despite the acquittal.

Minimizing The Consequences of a Military DUI

A conviction for a military DUI can result in many civilian penalties, including the loss of a driver’s license, fines, and brig and or jail time. In addition, penalties may be assessed by the military that will affect your future as a member of the Armed Forces. These can include:

  • The loss or restriction of on base driving privileges. In Maryland, you can lose your military driver’s license on the allegation of a DUI, even without a conviction.
  • The immediate suspension of favorable personnel actions.
  • The loss of future promotions or ranks.
  • The restriction of access to outside a base or post and the restriction of leave or military passes.
  • The loss of transfers or reassignments by means of a permanent change in duty station.
  • Suspension or termination of military service, including a dishonorable discharge.

Aberdeen Proving Ground DUI Defense Lawyer John G. Turnbull III can help defend you against the allegations of a DUI and reduce the penalties that you may face as the result of a conviction.

Contact A Maryland Military DUI Lawyer

Let the Annapolis, Maryland military drunk driving lawyer at the Law Offices of John G. Turnbull III get started with your DUI defense. Dial (410) 321-8860 for a free consultation. Mr. Turnbull proudly serves military service members facing criminal and DUI charges throughout Maryland military installations including, but not limited to, Annapolis Naval Academy, Bethesda Naval Hospital, Aberdeen Proving Ground, N.I.H., Andrews Air Force Base, Fort Meade, Fort Detrick, Coast Guard Yard, Surface Forces Logistics Coast Guard Base, Patuxent River (PAX River), NSF Indian Head,

For military personnel, a DUI conviction can result in penalties assessed by the military that are in addition to civilian penalties. These penalties can include the loss of a military driver’s license and even their ability to maintain military service. Military personnel can receive a military DUI whether they are driving off base or on base.