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Out of State DUIs

Out-of-State DUI

Visitors from out of state arrested in Maryland for drunken driving face a unique — and potentially difficult — set of circumstances. If convicted, the out-of-state drunken driving conviction will be reported to the person’s home state. This is called reciprocity. That state’s administrative penalties will then be applied for the out-of-state drunken driving conviction. Furthermore, the convicted person could also have their driving privileges removed in Maryland.

For example, Pennsylvania has stricter administrative penalties for drunken driving convictions than Maryland. A Pennsylvania resident convicted of drunken driving while in Maryland will have to face Pennsylvania’s drunken driving administrative penalties and may also have driving privileges revoked in Maryland. If the individual lives in Pennsylvania but works in Baltimore, such a conviction could do irreparable damage to his or her ability to commute to work or take care of family-related driving errands at home. Be sure to hire a skilled and experienced DUI lawyer for your case.

DUI Lawyers Serving Maryland Residents and Non-Residents

At the Law Offices of John Grason Turnbull III, P.C., located in Baltimore, we have extensive experience providing aggressive criminal defense services to both local residents and out-of-state visitors arrested on drunken driving charges.

We are familiar with the DUI and DWI penalties of all surrounding states, and we can give our out-of-state clients thorough and practical advice about how to respond to a drunken driving arrest while visiting Baltimore or the surrounding areas.

A Maryland case will have to be defended in Maryland, but we do everything we can to make the proceedings as convenient as possible for our out-of-state clients facing charges of driving while drinking. We may be able to appear at the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) hearing on your behalf. You will probably have to appear at any criminal court hearings relating to your case, but we will give you ample advance notice and do what we can to schedule any such hearings so they are convenient for you.

Make an Appointment with an Experienced Baltimore DUI Lawyer

If you are an out-of-state driver arrested for drunken driving or driving under the influence, contact our office to make an appointment with experienced attorney John Turnbull. You can also call him directly at 410-321-8860. Initial consultations are always free and always confidential. Although we prefer to meet with our clients in person, telephone consultations may be arranged if necessary.

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