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Drugged Driving Accidents

Drugged Driving Accidents

The use, misuse and abuse of prescription and illegal drugs is very common in Maryland. Prescription drugs are commonly prescribed for a vast array of ailments, syndromes and disorders. Some of these include insomnia, depression, anxiety disorders and pain management, among others. Recreational or street drugs are typically used as a form of self-medicating with intoxication being the ultimate goal. With the increased amount of prescribed drugs in our society there is also a noticeable spike in the amount of drugged driving accidents on Maryland roads. These are accidents involving recreational drugs or prescription narcotics instead of alcohol. Even though these prescriptions explicitly say not to drive or operate machinery while taking them, many people still do. In addition, the use of recreational drugs and operating an automobile while on them is increasing on Maryland’s roads, highways and interstates. With that, you can be hurt or injured in a narcotics-induced DUI accident without the negligent driver having ingested any alcohol.

Common Narcotics Associated with Drugged Driving Accidents

Prescription drugs that alter one’s mental state are normally involved in drugged driving accidents in Maryland. Many of these medications are used, and sometimes misused, to relieve or kill pain, induce sleep, relieve anxiety and relax tense or strained muscles. Common brand names of these drugs are Percocet, Vicodin, Norcos, Xanax, Valium, Ambien, Lunesta, Phenergan and Flexeril, among others. Illegal, street or recreational drugs often seen in non-alcohol-relateddriving accidents are cocaine, crack cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, hashish, heroin, crystal meth and various hallucinogenics.

Narcotics-Induced Driving Accident Injuries

Drugged driving accidents can induce a variety of injuries depending on various factors such as angle of accident, speed upon impact and where in the car the victim was situated. Commonly, injuries to the soft-tissue areas, joints and ligaments and bone fractures are sustained in auto accidents. Accidents occurring at high rates of speed or those involving larger vehicles can result in more debilitating or catastrophic injuries such as those to the central nervous system, which includes the head, brain, neck and spinal cord. Wrongful death can often be the end result of a drugged driving accident.

Walking you Through the Personal Injury Lawsuit Process

Being injured in a drugged driving accident can be an incredibly stressful and convoluted legal battle. Towson, Md., drugged driving accident attorney John G. Turnbull is fully equipped to handle your drugged driving accident claim. Being a skilled Maryland drugged driving accident lawyer involves more than just examining evidence, accident scenes and medical history. It also involves determining whether or not the medications are legally prescribed. Mr. Turnbull and his staff will work tirelessly to demonstrate whether or not the defendant took the prescribed drug at the prescribed therapeutic level or above. They will also do their best to get you full, fair and just compensation and benefits based on your injuries.

Contact a Baltimore Personal Injury Attorney

Injuries that are sustained in a drugged driving accident in Maryland can alter your life forever on many levels. Baltimore County, Md., car accident lawyer John G. Turnbull will fight to get you the compensation and benefits you are entitled to for your injuries, pain, suffering, lost wages and medical expenses. If you or someone you love has been injured in a drugged driving accident in Maryland, please call Maryland illegal drug-induced accident lawyer John G. Turnbull at 410-321-8860.

Contact us today to speak with an experienced Baltimore, Md., lawyer regarding your legal rights after a car crash. We offer free consultations and can answer any questions you have before proceeding in your case.

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