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Texting While Driving Accidents

Have you, or a loved one, been the victim of an auto accident that was a result of the other driver texting while operating their vehicle? Accidents caused by texting while driving, as well as accidents by using a cell phone other ways, can result in incredibly serious injuries to the victim, or victims. This has to do with the careless nature of texting while driving. People text and drive constantly in Maryland. When they do they are not paying attention to the road or what is in front of them. Texting while driving accidents can happen at very high speeds and the force at impact is enough to break bones, cause severe head injuries, whiplash and other injuries.

Essex Maryland Car Accident Lawyer John G. Turnbull III has many years experience handling all types of traffic accidents including texting while driving accidents. He offers free consults, charges no fee unless he wins for you and serves the following area: Essex, Towson, Annapolis, Glen Burnie, Ellicott City, Baltimore and Bel Air, MD.

Texting While Driving Accidents

It is against the law to send and receive text messages while operating a car, truck or motorcycle in Maryland. Texting while driving is not only a serious traffic violation, it is also very dangerous and can result in being involved in an auto accident that can inflict serious harm, injury and possibly death to the victim. If you, or a loved one, have been injured in a Baltimore Texting While Driving Accident please call a Baltimore lawyer handling texting while driving accident cases.

Hazards of Text Messaging While Driving in Maryland

Texting while driving is dangerous for several reasons. This is primarily because is distracts you as your eyes are taken off of the road momentarily. This lapse in judgement can cause you to slam into a car in front of you, drift onto the shoulder and run off the road or you can cross lanes into oncoming traffic. All of these scenarios can cause catastrophic injury to you, passenger’s in your vehicle as well as those around you.

Benefits Awarded in Maryland Texting Auto Accidents

In the unfortunate event that you are injured in a Maryland Texting While Driving Accident you may be eligible for various benefits and sources of compensation according to Maryland Auto Accident Law. Benefits you may be entitled to may include:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical benefits
  • Lost wage compensation
  • Funeral and death benefits

Consulting with an experienced Baltimore County Texting While Driving Accident Lawyer will ensure that you receive all benefits and compensation you are entitled to for your injuries.

How An Elkton Maryland Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

You will have many issues to deal with following your accident. You will be faced with growing medical care costs, vehicle repair costs, getting to and from your medical appointments as well as physical pain and discomfort. You may also face financial insecurity as you may not be healthy enough to return to work for a significant period of time.

With so much for you to deal with it makes sense that you would enlist the aid of a skilled Baltimore County Car Accident Lawyer to deal with the filing of you accident claim. As your attorney Mr. Turnbull will fight to get you the maximum amount of compensation for your injuries. Should Towson Car Accident Lawyer Turnbull be unable to negotiate a fair and just settlement on your behalf he is not immune to taking your case to the litigation phase in an effort to protect your rights and get you the benefits you deserve.

Contact a Bel Air Car Accident Lawyer

Do not hesitate to call Baltimore County Injury Lawyer John Grason Turnbull at 410-321-8860 if you have been the victim of a Baltimore Maryland Car Accident. You can also click here to email Essex Maryland Car Accident Attorney John Grason Turnbull. Mr. Turnbull has an outstanding track record of obtaining his clients very favorable settlements and verdicts.