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Finding Hidden Assets In A Divorce

Maryland Divorce Attorneys

When facing the demise of a marriage, it is not uncommon for spouses to suspect that marital assets may be hidden. Unfortunately, many times they are as spouses, particularly the primary wage earner, begin to focus more on the financial aspect of the divorce vs. what is best for the adults and or children. In some cases assets may be hidden by transfer to a third party, there may be outright denial of the existence of the asset(s), creation of false debt, or other fraudulent schemes. It is very important that a Maryland family law attorney help you with finding hidden assets in a divorce.

It is imperative that you remember that during a divorce you have rights and interests that need to be protected. The Annapolis divorce lawyers at The Turnbull Brockmeyer Legal Group can help with as they work directly with experts such as, financial experts and private investigators in order to locate such assets and gather the evidence needed to obtain what is rightfully owed to the rightful party.

Maryland family law imposes fiduciary disclosure duties on spouses. This is the duty of the highest good faith and fair dealing with each spouse, where neither party shall take any unfair advantage of the other. These duties continue even after the end of the marriage; they extend to full financial disclosure.  Through the discovery process, and the powers of the court, marital assets can be traced, located and equitably divided.

The Baltimore, MD divorce lawyers at The Turnbull Brockmeyer Legal Group possess many years of experience locating assets and obtaining the most favorable outcome for its clients.  They begin with basic steps, and make certain that no stone is left unturned—that an exhaustive search is conducted to identify all potential hidden assets.